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Daily Double Drops \\ 1200mg CBD

Daily Double Drops \\ 1200mg CBD


Daily Double Drops are for the heavy hitters out there who want to pack in their daily CBD and take advantage of all the benefits that CBD oil has to offer. With 1200mg of our high quality CBD per tincture, plus lots of other naturally occuring beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and vital nutrients, our Daily Double Drops are ready and waiting to help balance your mind and body while simultaneously helping your body and brain age beautifully and gracefully.


Take our Daily Double Drops daily (ha! how fun!) to take advantage of all the benefits of CBD: help stabilize your mood*, assist with full body recovery*, and aid in reducing your stress* and distracted mind* which in turn helps you experience a sounder, more effective sleep*.

  • CBD Info:

    • 1200 mg CBD
    • Serving size: 1/4 - 1 full dropper per day
      • 1/4 dropper (0.25 ml) = 10 mg CBD
      • 1/2 dropper (0.5 ml) = 20 mg CBD
      • 1 full dropper (1.0ml) = 40 mg CBD
    • Servings per container: 30 - 60 servings depending on dosage


    All Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, organic sunflower lecithin, naturally occuring hemp terpenes, and organic MCT oil (coconut oil)

    • Hemp extract preserves longer and interacts with your body more fluidly and impactfully with the help of a carrier oil, like MCT oil


    Flavor: Original Hemp (no additives or additional flavors)