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All Maine Drops CBD oil tinctures are crafted from the same base CBD oil:


   +  full-spectrum CBD oil 

   +  100% organic ingredients

   +  from sustainably farmed hemp

   +  loaded with naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids 

   +  mixed with MCT oil (fractioned coconut oil)

   +  splashed with sunflower lecithin to help your CBD take faster effect

   +  safely extracted oils using food grade ethanol

   ++  our base CBD oil is curated to help with all the health benefits of CBD


   ++  our terpene formulated Drops each help with everything CBD has to offer, plus extra aid for their targeted effect  

                     (learn more below)

Daily Drops & Daily Double Drops

   +  Consist solely of our high-quality base CBD oil 

   +  With no added terpenes or flavors, you can expect a rich, earthy, natural hemp flavor  

+  Promotes homeostasis & general wellbeing

+  Helps relieve pain & irritated nerves*

+  Aids in reducing stress & unsettled minds*

+  Small doses throughout day help fight fatigue

+  Improves daily moods & concentration*

+  Larger doses before bed aid in relaxation and help promote restorative sleep*


Sleep Drops

for Relaxation & Aid in Sleep

What's in it?

  +  our base CBD oil

  +  melatonin

  +  sedative terpenes

+  myrcene, linalool, terpinolene, nerolidol, citral, nerol

  +  organic peppermint oil

  ++  blended with a carefully 

researched ratio to promote relaxation and a more restorative sleep

For Who? 

  +  for terrible sleepers

  +  for the never-ending racing minds in bed

  +  for those who take hours to fall asleep

  +  for middle of the night wake-ups 

  +  for the "always tired" ones

  +  for those who toss & turn all night

  +  for night owls who need more sleep

  +  for way too early risers who want to fall back asleep

  +  for anyone who loves a good & restful night's sleep

Sport Drops

for Joint Health & Flexibility

What's in it?

  +  our base CBD oil

  +  pain-relieving & inflammation reducing 


+  beta-caryophellene, a-pinene, linalool, myrcene, limonene, geraniol, eucalyptol

  +  organic orange oil

  ++  blended with a carefully 

researched ratio to promote joint health, help reduce inflammation, and aid with pain relief

For Who? 

  +  for pre/post workout muscle relief

  +  for chronic pain*

  +  for life-long inflammation*

  +  for active adults who workout regularly

  +  for those with old injuries that are always bothersome

  +  for the 50+ y.o's who workout like they're 20 still

  +  for recurring injuries that cause constant inflammation

  +  for the daily Advil/Aleve taker who needs a natural pain solution

  +  for anyone who loves a well-oiled, very active body

Calm Drops

for Stress & Daily Tension

What's in it?

  +  our base CBD oil

  +  calming & stress-reducing terpenes

+ linalool, limonene, myrcene, geraniol, beta-caryophellene, nerol, citral

  +  organic lemon & lime oil

  ++  blended with a carefully 

researched ratio to help relieve stress and daily tensions, and aid in reducing anxiety*

For Who? 

  +  for busy parents tackling many tasks all day long

  +  for those feeling constantly anxious (thanks for that COVID-19, ugh)

  +  for those who have stressful jobs

  +  for anyone who struggles with mild anxiety*

  +  for evening wine/alcohol drinkers wanting a more sustainable way to unwind

  +  for multi-taskers who need help calming their mind

  +  for "stressed out" adults needing some calmness

  +  for anyone who wants a natural solution to help reduce stress & daily tension 

Focus Drops

for Stabilizing Mood & Focus

What's in it?

  +  our base CBD oil

  +  mood-stabilizing & focus-enhancing terpenes

+  eucalyptol, a-pinene, limonene, geraniol

  +  organic spearmint oil

  ++  blended with a carefully 

researched ratio to help stabilize moods, aid in enhancing concentration, and fight daytime fatigue*

For Who? 

  +  for multi-taskers who need help concentrating 

  +  for the 2-3 coffee cup drinkers a day

  +  for hard workers who want to get more work done

  +  for the easily distracted 

  +  for those with attention issues that often hinder productivity

  +  for the after-lunch slackers who want a second drop of energy

  +  for the sensitive person driven by emotions

  +  for the moody ones

  +  for anyone who wants to be more productive & naturally energized throughout the day

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