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Calm Drops \\ 600mg CBD

Calm Drops \\ 600mg CBD


Getting tired of chasing your daily coffee with your evening drink? Switch it up and throw some Calm Drops into your after work routine to help unwind, destress, and calm your multi-tasking mind. Your sleeping habits will thank you for a night or two off from wine.


Calm Drops are 100% nature made with science stepping in to perfect its mind relaxing* and stress relieving* formulation. With the perfect combination of decompressing and mind balancing terpenes, you can expect a powerful calmness and steady head to take over, ready to conquer all your daily stress and tensions. 

  • CBD Info:

    • 600 mg CBD 
    • Serving size: 1/2 - 1 full dropper (0.5ml - 1.0ml of oil)
      • 1/2 dropper = 10 mg CBD
      • 1 full dropper = 20 mg CBD
    • Servings per container: 30 - 60 servings depending on dosage


    All Ingredients: Full spectrum hemp extract, proprietary blend of natural botanical terpenes with calming* and stress relieving* properties, organic MCT oil (coconut oil), organic sunflower lecithin, organic sunflower oil, organic lemon & lime oil extract

    • Hemp extract preserves longer and interacts with your body more fluidly and impactfully with the help of a carrier oil, like MCT oil


    Flavor: Lemon/lime