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Founder's Story - Sophie's Inspiration behind Maine Drops

What was your inspiration for selling CBD?

I learned about CBD oil as a pain management solution about three years ago. The different physical and therapeutic health benefits of CBD oil excited me, but I did not know anyone firsthand who had reaped the benefits until I gave some to my dad.

My dad, Everett, (an active, 59 y.o. life-long athlete) has had 6 knee surgeries over the past few decades, leaving him with aggravating inflammation and constant pain in both knees. Around the same time that I learned about CBD oil, my dad was experiencing his worst knee pain to date, giving him little strength to complete a full bike ride. I did not like seeing my dad this helpless, and after showing him some educational materials on CBD oil, he was willing to give it a try.

CBD oil works cumulatively inside one's body, so it takes anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks of constant CBD oil intake to start fully feeling its beneficial effects. Three weeks after my dad started taking CBD oil daily, he walked down the stairs one morning and noticed he did not feel his usual stiffness and pain in his knees for the first time in decades. He was in shock. No amount of Advil/Aleve/extra-strength Tylenol had ever made him feel so nimble, especially the day AFTER taking it and working out!

My dad has not stopped taking CBD oil since this breakthrough day, and he continues to be amazed at how much better his knees and entire body feel while maintaining his active lifestyle. This was the proof I needed to move forward with Maine Drops. I wanted everyone in my life to have access to this miracle natural product and to age as healthily as possible.

Why is your company called Maine Drops?

We sourced many different CBD oil manufacturing companies while launching Maine Drops, and we were underwhelmed by the lack of differentiation, inflated prices, and repetitive/non-competitive product offerings. At one point during this research and development phase, we considered not moving forward with this company due to the weak manufacturing options available to us. It was not until our long-time family friends and life-long farmers, Chas & Linda Gill, mentioned to us that they had started growing high-quality, 100% organic and sustainably-farmed hemp that we jumped on board.

Chas & Linda live in Maine and have made a living growing all types of flowers, succulents, vegetables, medical herbs, etc. on their expansive farmlands. We had an instant trust in Chas & Linda’s ability to grow high-quality, cannabinoid-rich hemp. By the time we partnered with them, they had already formed a small, collaborative, local team in Maine to take care of the extraction and formulation process that is involved when turning hemp plants into CBD oil (also called CBD “drops”).

We are proud to be a vertically integrated company. We are a small, hands-on team that remains the same throughout our CBD oil's entire “soil to oil” journey. Our hemp and CBD oil is grown, harvested, extracted, and bottled all in the same entity in Maine with our trusted team keeping an eye on every step. Working with this high-powered, talented team has allowed us to experiment and formulate unique CBD oil products unavailable from large, generic manufacturing companies. With our trusted team finally in place, Maine Drops was officially born.

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