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How to Start your Drops: a beginner's guide to CBD oil

Congrats, you're so close to experiencing the life-changing capabilities of full-spectrum CBD oil!

If you've made it this far, then I applaud your effort in trying all-natural, plant based remedies to feel balanced again. I'm here to take you over the CBD finish line, so let's drop right in.

How did you get here?

Your curiosity for CBD oil probably sparked after hearing a friend or fam member rave about its ability to help with their pain, sleep, and/or anxiety. While reflecting upon your own bodily aches, stresses, and nuisances, you most likely realized that you too could benefit from an all-natural elixir to replace some of your synthetic, transient drugs (i.e. over-the-counter pain meds, addicting sleeping pills, and hard-to-kick anxiety relievers).

After doing your diligent research on "what is CBD" and "which company should I buy it from", you landed upon Maine Drops knowing you can trust our 3rd party lab tested products, and feel good about supporting a small-batch hemp farm in Maine with 100% sustainable and organic farming practices.

And now here you are, holding your first bottle of Maine Drops CBD oil and thinking: okay, this bottle is beautiful, now what?

Where do you go from here?

CBD Dosage recommendations:

CBD oil works slightly differently for everybody and every body. The main three points to remember are: daily intake & consistency is needed, patience is necessary, and don't be afraid to seek help!

To start, I recommend you take one full dropper of oil (20mg of CBD) every day for an entire month, ideally around the same time every day. 20mg of CBD per day is the average adult CBD dose recommendation, and is about the same amount of CBD I take daily (30 y.o. female, stressed entrepreneur, active lifestyle) to help with everyday stresses, workout recovery, and sleeping.

To take one full dropper of oil: fill the tincture's top glass dropper to the 1.0ml marked line then hold the oil under your tongue for 20-30 seconds before swallowing.

If you have more than one kind of Drops (Sport, Sleep, Calm, Focus, Daily, Daily Double) it is 100% okay - and encouraged! - to mix up how you get your daily dose of CBD.

I personally take around 20-30mg of CBD per day; I typically accomplish this by taking .5ml of Focus Drops in the morning (10mg CBD), and .5 - 1.0ml of Sleep Drops at night (10-20mg CBD) - switching up my morning dose of Focus Drops with Calm Drops or Sport Drops depending on my day ahead (stressful vs. physically active).

What to expect during your first month taking CBD oil:

After you've taken one full dropper of CBD oil every day for seven days, please evaluate how you feel in situations where you normally have pain/are anxious/can't sleep (aka situations in which you want CBD to help). If you don't feel enough sought after relief by day seven, I recommend increasing your daily dose by one full dropper of oil until you feel your desired effects.

Please refer to the chart below to find the average daily dose we recommend for someone like you: find where you fall under "For Who" or find the ailments you seek relief from under "For What".

Take your Drops consistently for best results - at least once a day depending on your dosage - so the CBD can build up in your system. You should start to feel your sought after relief anywhere from day 3 to day 21. Jotting down how you feel everyday can be very helpful for learning the best CBD dose for you (this can be as simple as writing a "yes" or "no" regarding if you feel your desired effects).

CBD as medication does not work like Advil, for example, where you feel it helping within half an hour and then it wears off; Instead, CBD works cumulatively and eventually helps relieve your painful body and/or anxious mind all day and night with consistent daily intake.

The best advice to remember about CBD oil is consistency and patience - it's common to discover that CBD is helping with more than you originally intended (aka you bought it for pain relief and it's also helping you sleep better). Or you might find that you don't fully notice the effects of CBD until you stop using it - so be observant, try out different Drops and doses, and enjoy the natural health benefits along the way.

Please email our customer support team if you'd like any further assistance with your new Drops:

We're here to help you live your best life with your new Maine Drops!

Thanks for choosing Maine Drops as your main drops! #mymainedrops

Ta ta for now,

Sophie Bramhall

Maine Drops CEO & Co-Founder

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