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CBD Oil for Inflammation and Joint Pain, a double whammy

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Some of us are blessed with strong ligaments, cartilage, tendons and muscles, and some of us are not. I’m married to one in the latter category. Ever since I’ve known Everett, his body is prone to breaking down. A lifelong athlete, the first injury was on a college soccer field, an ACL tear needing reconstructive surgery. Over the next decade or more, he endured ACL reconstruction on the other knee and multiple arthroscopic surgeries to fix meniscus tears on both knees. Meanwhile, his shoulder joint broke down and required surgery to tighten up a rotator cuff muscle and the labrum cartilage.

Years of physical therapy, bike riding and racket sports have forced him to suffer through the pain of bone rubbing on bone whether walking up and down stairs or running around on a tennis court. He has dealt with it for years with a positive attitude, a love of sport and a competitive drive to push through the pain. We eat anti-inflammatory foods and cut down on our sugar intake as best we can, but it wasn’t until he started to take CBD oil on a regular basis that the joint paint alleviated, almost without him realizing it.


"Since I started taking CBD oil daily, I feel like my body went back to how it felt 10 years ago, and it's barely started aging again. I can run circles around my friends on the paddle court, or go on 30 mile bike rides, and no longer wake up with my usual aching and stiff knees. I recommend CBD to everyone my age who wants to continue living an active lifestyle." - Everett (59 y.o.)


One of the challenges to understanding the potential healing benefits of CBD is to understand our body and how it is affected by the food we eat or don’t eat, the exercise we get or don’t get, the sleep we get or don’t get, etc. Success or failure, as evidenced in homeostasis (the scientific name for the general state of balance in our body), is always reliant on the choices we make. Some of our health situation is of course connected to our genetic make-up, but again, the more we understand about ourselves and how we function, the better.

CBD oil has improved my husband’s joint pain and inflammation, without question. It’s not magically fixing the bone on bone situation, but it works with his own endocannabinoid system to regulate his body's perception of pain and how the sensation of pain is communicated from neuron to neuron. Our bodies work on their own to heal itself, but a stressed body needs external support. Enter CBD oil as a nutritional supplement. This supplement enhances our body’s ability to maintain homeostasis and to manage physical and emotional stress.

Stay tuned for more updates on this man’s improving health.

Medical studies conducted on CBD's effect on pain & inflammation:

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